Farm Philosophy

The name of our farm, Plowshares & Prairie, reflects our commitment to pairing sustainable food production with strong conservation work.

Our produce is organically grown, and we are certified organic by MOSA, a USDA accredited certification agency.  We do not use synthetic fertilizers or toxic pesticides in our food production or prairie restoration.  Rather, we prefer to use natural techniques such as crop rotation, cover cropping, and mulching to build up the healthy soils that lead to healthy plants.  We take Eliot Coleman's advice to heart, striving to farm in a way that is "plant-positive" rather than "pest-negative", creating the conditions to foster healthy, resilient plants that are capable of fighting off pests.  We hit the fields, instead of the gym, to get some exercise outside while tackling weeds and taking care of our plants using our hands.

We strive to use as many on farm inputs as possible and we are restoring and improving the wetlands and prairies on our property while using them to mitigate the impacts of crop production.  It is this holistic approach to land management and food production that we are excited about, and the fresh, organically grown produce that comes with it. 

Check out this write-up on the FairShare CSA Coalition website about all that we do to care for our farm: